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Stasia’s Style School

A 5-week online class and lifelong sisterhood
that will teach you how to identify YOUR own personal and unique style
so you can be the BRAVE BOLD BEAUTIFUL woman that you are…



stasia's style school

What does TAPPING INTO YOUR AWESOME even mean??

  • It means fully recognizing and acknowledging the SOUL-FIRE that burns within you.
  • It means living in your place of BRILLIANCE.
  • It means connecting with your ESSENCE, and presenting that on the OUTSIDE for everyone to see. It’s what I call Inside-Out Congruency.
  • It means looking into the mirror and seeing UNBRIDLED BEAUTY, and not a compilation of imperfections.
  • It means opening your closet doors, and feeling overwhelmed by abundance, gratitude AND clothes that suit your BODY and your SOUL!
  • It means feeling WILDY COURAGEOUS, to be who you are, as you are.
  • It means NO MORE HIDING.

When I decided to enroll in Stasia’s Style School, I thought of it as a small gift to myself…something fun and a little decadent, a lark. But what I got was a tremendous wake up call. Over the past 6 years I had unwittingly sunken into a post-babies wardrobe of black yoga pants and ill-fitting hand-me-downs. I knew that I had lost any joy in getting dressed in the morning, but Stasia’s Style School made me realize that I had given up so much more than that. The class put me back in touch with my best self and challenged me to honor that self every day through what I chose to wear. I am amazed at the positive effect it has had on how I feel about myself and how others interact with me. I feel indebted to Stasia for giving me back a part of myself that I hadn’t realized I had let go of, but that I was lost without.”  ~Sarah G.

The doors to Stasia’s Style School open on Friday, April 14th! 

The last five sessions have SOLD OUT so be sure to get your name on the email list NOW so you don’t miss your chance later this fall!


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