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Kind Words


I always felt like Stasia had my back and wanted what is best for me. Plus, she’s seriously funny. AND she knows her stuff! I had NO idea getting dressed had so many puzzle pieces… I thought there was something wrong with me!!  But Stasia showed me it just takes a little know how and suddenly you look and feel pulled together and confident. I also didn’t realize how much of myself was being lost by not matching my outside to my inside. That inside-out congruency is NO JOKE! I look WAY more pulled together and I’m using stuff from my own closet! I haven’t spent much money, yet I FEEL like a million bucks!

Tami Hackbarth //  Virtual Style Coaching



S.M. Boyce 150x150Stasia is a genius. My whole life, I’ve dressed like the size 2 models I see in ads instead of figuring out what works for my size 8 booty. Stasia explained how to do just that — dress for the body I have and totally rock it. She’s helped me discover my personal flair, and I feel more confident than ever. I recommend Stasia’s brilliance for anyone who wants to finally understand how to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

S.M. Boyce, Best Selling Author & Mischief Maker // Virtual Style Coaching



hannah 150x150 circle.pngI just had the most amazing closet consultation with Stasia Savasuk of Thrift Me Pretty. Before she came, I thought I had NOTHING to wear, mostly because I’m not fitting into my smaller sizes… I was frustrated to tears getting dressed each morning. Using what I already owned, she turned my 2 boring outfits into more than 10 stunning outfits! By the end of our 3 hours together I was feeling sexy and was confident I could put my own outfits together.  She’s magical!
Hannah Neff, Nurse Practitioner // In Home Closet Consultation



Lauren M..pngI was feeling gray and wearing gray when I first encountered Stasia and her divine Thrift Me Pretty. As a stay-at-home mom with thyroid cancer, I spent most days in pajamas and baby drool, if I left the house I was most likely wearing a gray t-shirt and jeans, which–because of my medical condition–were about four sizes too big.

I read Stasia’s stories about how she had transformed the way she felt about herself by changing her style, I realized how much I had let myself slip over the years and how envious I was of how bright Stasia gleamed in her photos. I reached out to her on a whim and she immediately welcomed me into her heart and I began my journey with Thrift Me Pretty. I went shopping on a budget, finally bought clothes that fit, lightened my hair, put on makeup and jewelry, and (gasp) picked out colorful clothes. I cannot tell you how much better I feel. You want to meet a genuine, uplifting, gracious soul? Familiarize yourself with Stasia and her life-changing Thrift Me Pretty. She brings joy and rebirth and motivation to everyone she meets; an absolute treasure.
Lauren Malone // Sweet Friend of Thrift Me Pretty



Marta 150x150 Rave.jpg

I just spent an amazing 5 hours with Stasia, clearing out decades of poorly fitting, unflattering, awful-for-me clothes. I learned how to use the great stuff I already owned more creatively, and how to use it through more than one season!  For years I’ve been unable to put my finger on “my style”, but Stasia helped me figure it out:  SASSY & EDGY, and totally me! With a newly defined concept of my style, I know why pieces do and don’t work for me, and that makes life a whole lot easier!  Thank you, Stasia.  Brattleboro is going to be a new town thanks to your services!
Marta Bernbaum, Owner of JMBGlass // In Home Closet Consultation



Aimee L..pngWith a few big events coming up, and at least a dozen dresses ordered online and returned, I was truly in need of style help. I had no idea why the dresses I was ordering were not working! Stasia was amazing. I filled out the Thrift Me Pretty survey, consulted with Stasia via skype, then worked with her on Pinterest to find dresses that would work both for my personality and my body.  WHO KNEW I could rock the big beads and love it! My closet is now cleaned out and paired down to only the things I absolutely love, and I have a much better sense of what to look for when I shop.
Aimee Loiter, Coordinator of Academic Services, Community College of Vermont // Virtual Style Coaching