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In-Home Closet Consultation


Are you ready to fight the frump?

Are you ready to bust out – stop hiding – and let your soul shine through?

Yea!  Well, I’m ready too!  And you’re lucky, because I’m really really good at helping people match their inside to their outside… a little thing I like to call INSIDE-OUT CONGRUENCY.

There is a visible palpable energetic life-force change when we hit it.  It’s like magic.  And it’s POWERFUL!!


1.  You’ll fill out a Thrift Me Pretty Style Profile Questionnaire.  This is SUCH an important part of the journey, because it’s all about identifying and acknowledging your you-ness, your soul, your FIRE!

2.  Once the Style Profile has been returned to me, we’ll meet either in person or virtually (whichever is easier) for 1 hour, and we’ll dive head first into your Style Story.  I ask a whole lotta questions that have nothing to do with “style”, but they do offer great insight into WHO you are, and that’s where the magic lies.

3.  Then, we meet for 3-hours IN YOUR CLOSET!  We will:

  • study your body’s type, shape, texture, color, proportions – and I will teach you how to choose pieces that compliment, accentuate and glorify your beauty
  • try try try until we find that magic place of Inside-Out Congruency.  It takes a few iterations before we hit it perfectly, but then WOW, you’ll SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A NEW PENNY!  And you’ll know it!
  • shop your closet, and create outfits out of what you already own 
  • play model and photographer!  I will take digital snapshots of you in the outfits that we create so you won’t forget them later!
  • organize your closet (time permitting)
  • create a “wish list” of must-have pieces that are missing in your wardrobe
  • Identify your Power Accessory, and integrate it into your everyday style
  • make 4 action piles:  the fixers (need hemming, button sewed on, etc.), the to-be-consigned, the to-be-donated, and the to-be-stored


“For years I’ve been unable to put my finger on “my style”, but Stasia helped me figure it out: SASSY & EDGY, and totally me! With a newly defined concept of my style, I know why pieces do and don’t work for me, and that makes life a whole lot easier!”  ~Marta

 A’s for your Q’s:

Me Circle.jpgQ:  Do we really need three hours?  I mean, I have a lot of clothes, but I don’t like any of them.  I don’t want to create outfits out of what I already own because I don’t like what I already own.

A:  Yep, we still need the three hours.  If you’ve got a closet chock full of clothes that you don’t like, then we’ll need to do some serious hands-on, style exploration + education!  I don’t want you to keep making the same mistakes over and over, so we’ll actually go through the pieces and talk about why they don’t work.  There are likely a few gems in there, and we’ll focus on creating magic with those pieces, and create a wishlist of things you need to complete your look and your wardrobe.  You’ll be surprised how quickly the time flies by!


Q:  I’ve got tons and tons and tons of clothes, and I have the most awful time getting rid of anything.  I just can’t decide what to keep and what to get rid of.  I need you to help with every single piece.  Will three hours really be enough?

A:  Good question.  My ultimate goal is to teach you how to identify which pieces to keep and which to ditch, all by yourself.  This is as much an education as it is a conversation about style.  And, truth be told, it can be a HUGE exercise in letting go.  I’ll give you the tools you need; you’ll just need the confidence to put it to practice.  If we move quickly, we can make great headway, but I’ve seen some pretty massive closets, and there is no way we could go through every single piece in just three hours.  If I know going into it that your closet is formidable, than we can create a very specific action-plan ahead of time to really maximize our time together.  That said… I can stay longer if you need/want me to ($60/hour).