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THRIFT ME PRETTY is all about Getting Right With Style.  On your terms.  It’s about finding your place of pretty, while adhering to your values.  It’s about truly and honestly knowing who you are on the inside, and presenting that YOU-NESS to the world on the outside, through your own personal and unique style. 


Thrift Me Pretty is about changing the conversation from:

I have nothing to wear.  I hate my clothes.  I’m a style disaster!!!

… to something like…

Damn, I FEEL good!

So many of us have broken up with style because for whatever reason, we couldn’t figure it out.  And it’s not a wonder, because most of us have never been taught the basic tenets of style!! 

With a little bit of knowledge, guidance and self reflection, you’ll be rockin’ your true you in no time.  Because when you’re wearing clothes that reflect who you are from the inside out, some kind of magic happens.

You smile bigger.  Run faster.  Jump higher.


 Let Me Introduce Myself…


DSC_0755-3292737558-OHi!  I’m STASIA (pronounced STAY-SHA), the gal behind Thrift Me Pretty!  And I’m soooo HAPPY that you’re here!  And quite frankly, I can’t believe that I’M here – with my very own (DIY) website!  Had you asked me a few years ago if I’d EVER have my own STYLE blog/business, I would have laughed and said, HELL NO!  I had divorced style many years ago (my eco – community – global conscious values made me do it), and talked myself into believing that what I wore wasn’t important because “it’s what’s on the inside that matters”.  I was a style disaster.  I didn’t know the first thing about inside-out congruency, and I certainly didn’t know how to dress my body.  Silhouette, proportion, line, texture.  WHAT?

Then, I started THRIFTING!  And all of a sudden, my values were no longer in question.  I shopped.  I experimented.  I studied.  I observed.  And slowly but surely, I started figuring out MY STYLE.   When I wore clothes that suited my soul and my silhouette, something magical happened.  I was confident, happier, kinder.  I smiled bigger and laughed louder.  Not for attention, but because I wasn’t afraid.

I became unbridled.

Thrifting is how I found my way back to style; it was a new verse in my style story.  Friends started asking for help with their closets.  They told their friends.  They wanted to know my thrifting secrets.  They wanted me to shop for them!  One thing led to another, and before long, Thrift Me Pretty was born.

I consider myself a Style Coach.  I don’t believe in external makeovers.  Nope.  I believe in TRANSFORMATION !  From the inside, out.  I’m a motivator.  A cheerleader.  A teacher.  I’m that loving swift kick in the pants you need to create change.  Once I hear your Style Story, I can guide you to a place of inside-out congruency in no time.  I’m here to help YOU find your way back to style.  On your terms.  With your values.

IMG_1948_2I believe in this from the deepest depths of my soul.  Know why?  Not just because it transformed my life, but because of my daughter, Raisa.  Since she was old enough to dress herself, she’s wanted to wear “boy clothes”.  I would tell my clients to dress authentically, but would coerce my own daughter into wearing capped sleeves and boot cut jeans.  Which she hated.  Until one day, when she was six, she talked me into buying her a shirt and tie at the local thrift shop.  When we got home, she put it on, looked in the mirror, and took her own breath away.  She ran across the dining room and said, MAMA MAMA, LOOK HOW FAST I CAN RUN!  Then, she jumped into the air and said, MAMA MAMA, LOOK HOW MUCH HIGHER I CAN JUMP WHEN I’M WEARING A SHIRT AND TIE!  And it hit me like a freakin’ ton of bricks.

She could run faster and jump higher when she was wearing clothes that were authentically who she was on the inside!!

Whoa!  This shirt and tie allowed her SOUL TO SHINE THROUGH!  What if I had continued on my path of wear-this-because-you’re-a-girl-and-you’re-supposed-to-wear-girl-clothes??  I don’t even want to THINK about it.  And just like that, this venture went from being a hobby, to being my life’s work.  My mission.  My STAND-ON-A-ROOF-TOP, SHOUT-IT-TO-THE-CROWD soap box!

If you want YOUR SOUL TO SHINE through, stick with me.  Because I take this stuff seriously!  Subscribe to my weekly Thriftspiration newsletter, follow the blog, find me on Instagram and Facebook, or best of all…  WORK WITH ME!

Thank you for being part of Thrift Me Pretty.  Now let’s start adding a new verse to YOUR Style Story!


PS.  Here’s a little sneak-peek into my life  :)

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