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How I turned my too-tight denim jacket into a denim vest

How many of you have a way-too-tight-in-the-sleeves (think sausage arms) denim jacket hanging in your closet? One that you save for occasions when you know you won’t have to say, lift up your arms?

Here’s a picture of me, trying like heck to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out my (relatively new) too-tight denim jacket to MAKE. IT. WORK. But no matter how many awkward praying-mantis type stretches I did, the jacket was STILL too tight.


Since it was destined for donation, I decided to do a little experiment.

I donned a pair of really dull paper scissors (not recommended), cut as close to the sleeve hem as I could, and did THIS:


No sewing machine. No stitching. Not even a pair of fancy fabric scissors. I just used what I had, and went for it. And I’m totally digging the results.


The denim vest works particularly well on my triangle body shape (hips considerably wider than my chest/waist), because it adds oodles of volume to my upper half, creating the illusion of overall body balance!

(NOTE – I am not seeking to recreate a “perfect body”. I am seeking balance. The same kind of balance I’m seeking when I arrange decorative pillows on my couch.)

If you’re in the market for a denim vest, here are your options:

  • buy a fancy one at J.Crew (HERE) for $70
  • cut the sleeves off a denim jacket that you already own for FREE
  • or buy a denim jacket at the thrift store for a few bucks and then cut the sleeves off

Happy Upcycling!

xo Stasia


Hanger Nipples. Otherwise known as “Shoulder Nipples”. I can’t stand them. The way they poke out like that… drives me crazy!

You DO know what I’m talking about, right?

hanger nipples

hanger nipples 2

I thought I had invented the term, but according to google, I didn’t. It’s no wonder they have the name that they do, because well, they look like nipples.

My advice around hanger nipples is two-pronged…



The bottom line here is this… knits don’t belong on hangers. They belong folded up on a shelf or in a drawer.

(In case you don’t know, a knit is a textile that results from, well, knitting, like a t-shirt, tank top, sweater or sweatshirt. You can detect a knit by it’s stretchability. If it’s stretches when you yank on it, it’s probably a knit.)

This is how I created the hanger nipples seen above. A few days on this hanger and BOOM. Hanger Nipples. If I had used a metal/wire hanger, the results would be 100 times worse! (Don’t do that.)



When you hang a knit garment, it stretches. Not only can you end up with a serious and unsightly case of Hanger Nipple, but the piece itself can actually lose its shape and become droopy if left on the hanger for too long.

All of your sweaters, t-shirts, tank tops, knit-dresses-with-sleeves and hoodies belong folded, in a drawer or on a shelf. They SHOULD NOT be hanging in your closet.


Hanger Nipples are easy to get rid of, so don’t panic. Just machine or hand-wash the piece in question, dry it (either on the line, laying flat, or in the dryer) and then fold.

If you find yourself out in public with a Hanger Nipple, or spot a friend with a Hanger Nipple, all you need is a little bit of water to tame the protrusion. Wet your fingers, and massage the nipple with your fingers until the nipple subsides.  It won’t go away completely, but you can at least tame the beast until the garment can be washed and reshaped.

This is one of those tips you might want to share with your girlfriends. You might even want to share it on Facebook as a Public Service Announcement. (You can do that by clicking the Facebook “share” button below!)

Don’t wait until fall is officially upon us to inspect your knits for nipples. If you have any cardigans or long sleeved knit dresses on hangers, remedy the situation NOW so you’re ready for the inevitable dip in temperatures.

And do me a favor, leave a comment letting me know how many cases of Hanger Nipple you have hanging in your closet.  I’m curious to know the extent of the nipple-demic.  😉

xo Stasia

PS. Now that you know what Hanger Nipples are, you’ll notice them EVERYWHERE!


Is STYLE petty or superficial? Should it matter?

When I asked my Style Sisters from the January round of Stasia’s Style School WHY they struggled with style, this is what they said…

“I try to emulate what others wear, but it doesn’t reflect MY inner essence, so it’s never quite right. I want a style that reflects MY personality.”

“After the birth of my daughter and some serious weight gain, I was left wondering WHO AM I, and how in heck do I dress myself.”

“I want to look in the mirror again, and like the person looking back.”

“I feel like I have lost myself along the way (kids), and I’m ready to find out WHO I AM again.”

“I’ve done a lot of heart and soul work in the last few years, and I want my outside to reflect my inside.”

“I’m turning 60 this year, and I want my life to be about ME and MY choices, not what I think everyone else wants for me.”

“I’m ready to stop hiding behind my clothes. I want my wardrobe to say THIS IS ME.”

“I’m often frustrated of not BEING ME and not SHOWING UP.”

“There is an identify confusion – WHO AM I?”

“How am I supposed to know what MY style is? It’s easy to default to old clothes I’ve worn forever that no one will notice. But I’m sick of that. I’m sick of discomfort. I’m sick of feeling unsure of WHO I AM.”

WHOA, right?

Any of that sound petty or superficial to you?
Or is it the damn opposite? TRUTH, HONESTY and VULNERABILITY.
Were you nodding along, saying yes YES, me too!

Listen, STYLE is a reflection of WHO YOU ARE on the inside. I call it Inside-Out Congruency, and it is the absolute foundation of style.

Inside-Out Congruency

When your projection of self
(how you LIVE LOVE + LAUGH)
matches your presentation of self.

(In other words, When your INSIDES match your OUTSIDES.)

The most beautifully curated closet in the world will feel like a complete farce if it isn’t a reflection of YOUR SOUL FIRE.

Fashion magazines have missed the boat on this one, perpetuating the myth that style happens on the outside. They teach you how to fit in, and ignore what it means to truly belong.

Let’s look at my daughter, Raisa, for a minute, so we can truly understand the difference between “fitting in” and “belonging”.



Raisa is a bowtie wearing, blazer sporting, pattern mixing little turkey that I couldn’t imagine any other way. If she followed the conventional rules of what a girl is “supposed” to wear, then she’d be WAY off the mark. Sure, she’d “fit in” with the girls if she wore tunics and headbands, but in the process of fitting in, her soul would wilt, her confidence would tank, and she’d begin to question who she was.

But when she SHOWS UP like this, shoulders back, smile beaming, and eyes smiling… she let’s you know exactly who in hell she is. No pretense. No shame. No HIDING. And BECAUSE she said NO THANK YOU to fitting in… she knows what it means to BELONG.

To BELONG is to feel LOVED for WHO YOU ARE, not for who are are pretending to be.

The problem with conventional style is that it’s too damn categorical. We feel like we have to choose.

Is my style Bohemian? Artsy? Preppy? Outdoorsy? Classic? Yogi?

What happens if you’re an artist who’s traveling the globe in her caravan, playing classical guitar along the way, stopping off to do some sailing in Cape Code, hiking in Vermont, and some downward-facing-dogs at the nearest Wanderlust venue?

What goes into your suitcase for the haughty jaunt! Talk about an IDENTITY CRISIS!

This was my struggle for just about my whole life. I was an international traveling, tree hugging, Times Square loving, Maine girl who loved sparkly things, my clothesline and that new-car-smell. WHAT? That doesn’t make sense. So, I picked “outdoorsy and sensible” and suffocated in fleece and khakis for far too many years.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 6.24.05 PM


I used to think that MY ROLE and the THINGS I LOVED defined my style. Except it didn’t, because I couldn’t chose just one role and I loved too many things. Which made me feel like a complete style failure.

I became lost, and I felt like I didn’t know WHO IN HELL I WAS.

And then things changed (you can read about that HERE), and I figured out that my approach to style was all wrong.

Here’s what I want you to do…

  1. Ask yourself WHO AM I?  Grab a pen and paper and write write write until your fingers hurt. Come up with a list of words (NOT ROLES) that describe WHO YOU ARE.
  2. Take that list of words, and narrow it down to the top 5 words that suit you the best.
  3. Go to your closet, and see what you have that connects you to those words/feelings.

In other words, if one of your words was BRAVE, then go through your shirts, try them on, and see if any of them make you FEEL BRAVE. Try on your earrings, necklaces, boots, and headscarves, and ask yourself… DOES THIS MAKE ME FEEL BRAVE?

Do it over and over again. Find those things. Use your closet to help connect you to WHO YOU ARE.

It takes work. It takes practice. It takes motivation.

That’s why I created Stasia’s Style School. It is a framework from which to practice, with a built-in sisterhood of woman who are on the same journey. It is equal parts inspiration, motivation, and accountability. And there are lessons. OH THE LESSONS!!!

(Inside-Out Congruency is the foundation of style, but girl, you still have a body to dress!)

When you bear witness to another woman’s stories and SEE her beauty, you will slowly begin to SEE your own beauty.

Click HERE to find out when the next Style School begins!

xo Stasia

PS. Here’s a little BEFORE/AFTER testimonial from my gal, Jennifer!

Jennifer Allred Before-After


“How do I put into words the freedom I have found in Stasia’s Style School? Because that is what it has been for me. Freedom from the comments and pushback of people around me, freedom from being a prisoner to my wardrobe, freedom from the negative cassette tape in my mind.  But most importantly, freedom to be exactly who I am, inside and out.

The other day I was scrolling through my pics from Style School and I thought to myself, “Wow! Look at me! I am radiant! I am even stunning!” I started to stop myself because hello! Am I that full of myself?? But no, that’s not it. For just a moment I was able to see myself through soul eyes. The eyes each one of us has for one another.

My style sisters pushed me to be brave… and then braver! Thank you, Stasia, for creating this sacred space for us. It has been a glorious unveiling of some of the most beautiful and brave women I have ever met.”

Jennifer, The Turquoise Tomatoe

#stylebymychild TURNS ONE!!


It just occurred to me that Raisa (my daughter) and I have been doing #styledbymychild on Instagram + Facebook for OVER A YEAR!!

That’s right, for ONE WHOLE YEAR I have allowed Raisa free reign of my closet EVERY SINGLE MONDAY, to pick out my ENTIRE outfit, without a peep of rejection or resistance from me.

I used to think I had a pretty good handle on my closet… until #stylebymychild came along. In the past year, I’ve learned MORE about my body, my closet, my limiting beliefs, and my emotional attachment to STUFF than I would have EVER anticipated.

Imagine for a minute, giving YOUR child free reign of your closet, telling them their only task was to MAKE MAMA BEAUTIFUL. (No kids? How about your mother/sister/brother/partner/neighbor/BFF.) You sit back and watch, as your babe thoughtfully works his/her way through your clothes, shoes and accessories and picks out…

Wait. Let’s STOP here for a minute, because I want to know what you’re thinking.

A) Being #styledbymychild sounds like a GREAT IDEA, Stasia.  I’m totally going to do this!!
B) Are you bananas? Hell no. NO WAY. Never.

I’m guessing that B (for BANANAS) is the resounding winner.

Which is precisely WHY I’m going to share with you the lessons I’ve learned in the past year that have made it ALL WORTH IT, because it hasn’t ALL been pretty!

LESSON ONE. It’s ok to LET GO of guilt.

Why in HECK do we have things in our closets that we don’t like, want or need? You know… the orange blazer with the baggy boobie darts. The gold dress that is a static-cling-nightmare no matter how many times you try too de-static that thing. The black shoes that pinch your toes with every single step. The orange tights that you really really REALLY don’t like but keep putting back in your damn drawer!!!


(Note the orange blazer with the baggie darts, the static-cling gold dress,
the black shoes, and the orange tights! This is real life, yo.)

The answer… 50 SHADES OF freakin’ GUILT.

“I SHOULD like it. I mean, I like it in my mind so I SHOULD just be happy with it, right?”
“But it was expensive.”
“It was a gift.”
“I’ve gained so much weight, nothing else fits. I don’t deserve to buy anything new.”
“My body is too short/tall, skinny/fat, wide/narrow.”
“It fits so I feel like I SHOULD like it.”

I could write a blog post called 50 Shades of Guilt… because seriously, I have heard (and USED) at least 50 guilt ridden reasons why we hold on to stuff we don’t like, want or need.

It’s almost like there is a part of Raisa that is intuitively drawn to the stuff that I like the least. I moaned my way through those orange tights at least six times before I finally learned the lesson and let those things go, because “I SHOULD like them” has no place in my closet.

And it has no place in your closet either.

Pay attention to the rhetoric inside your head when you get dressed. If it’s laced with 50 Shades of Guilt, listen to it, learn from it, and then let that shit go.

LESSON TWO.  It’s OK to go a little wild.

I’ve worn some pretty wild closet concoctions in the past year! Things I would have NEVER worn in public otherwise…


And it’s been AWESOME!

Being #styledbymychild has taught me that it’s OK to push my own boundaries. To step outside of safety. To live on the edge!

It has helped me EXPAND and become MORE of myself.

When you step outside of your zone of safety, you will undoubtedly find a place that EXHILARATES and THRILLS. A place you might never have found without that little nudge.


For some reason, we think we have to SAVE FANCY.

We think that feeling CONFIDENT, BOLD, CREATIVE, STRONG, and downright GLAMOROUS is something we have to save for special, and that our baseline should be frumpy, uninspiring and plain old boring.


No. WAY!

Being #styledbymychild has given me an excuse to wear my fancy on a Monday, and guess what? Nothing bad happened! In fact, GOOD happened. Because I felt good. And when I feel good I do good.

So now, you might find me being fancy… even on a Wednesday.

Here is what I KNOW to be true:
1. My body is BEAUTIFUL, just the way it is, so if something doesn’t fit, I now it’s the CLOTHES that are the problem. NOT MY BODY.
2. My clothes MUST be a reflection of who I am on the INSIDE. Just because they fit, does NOT mean they are right for me.

Those TWO THINGS right there, are the foundations of style. You MUST understand how to dress YOUR body and you MUST be able to answer the question WHO AM I AT MY CORE, without reservation.

Style is fluid, NOT static. As you grow, and become more of who you are, your style will inevitably shift. That’s why what worked 6 months ago, might not work now. That’s why you might think you like something, but realize that it no longer suits you.

Being #styledbymychild keeps me on my toes, but YOU don’t need to be #styledbyYOURchild to learn and implement these basic, but very profound, lessons.

That’s what Stasia’s Style School is for.  😉

Where are YOU at with style?
Do you think your BODY is the problem?
Do you know what it means to dress your INSIDE on the OUTSIDE?
Why do you struggle?

Leave a comment and tell me your number one hang-up, and I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE to get back to you!

And if you’re interested in joining Stasia’s Style School, SIGN UP ON THE LIST BELOW because doors open on Friday, May 6th, and HOT DIGGITY you won’t want to miss it!!!

Love, Stasia


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How to Wear a Hat.

People often ask me how to wear a hat. Or they say something like… “I LOVE hats, but heck if I can wear one”.

It’s a complex issue, and I figured it was time I attack it HEAD on, right here. Right now.

Before you click away, convinced that YOU are not a hat-girl, let me ask you this… What would you have done if it were the 1920’s and Carson and Mrs. Hughes had invited YOU to their wedding?

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 9.33.54 PM


You would have found a hat that suited you because there is NO WAY in hell you would have missed THAT wedding!! I mean seriously…

All the women in the cast of Downton Abby have different face shapes, hair styles and body types… and they ALL look lovely in hats. If it’s possible for them, it’s possible for you too.

What’s the old proverb… “Saying you don’t look good in a hat is like saying you don’t look good in shoes.” 😉

So, now that I’ve proven YOU CAN WEAR A HAT AND LOOK GOOD DOING IT (you just need to find the right one), it’s time we talk about WHAT IT TAKES to wear a hat.

To be honest, I’m not sure about all of the how-to-find-the-perfect-hat-for-your-face-shape charts you can find online. I swear my face doesn’t fit into any charts, and I’m convinced one must consider more than face shape when buying a hat. But for those of you that are curious, the best resource I found online for finding the right hat for you face shape was HERE on the Goorin Bros website.

Here’s MY advice. Go shopping. Try on every single hat you can get your hands on. If you live near a hat shop like Goorin Bros, go there and ask the experts. If you live in the sticks like me and shopping online is your best bet, then ASK A MILLINER (aka – hat maker)!

That’s what I did!

A few weeks back I found fellow Vermonter, Kristen Silverman, a milliner at Silverhill Creative Millinery on Instagram, and messaged her right away and said LET’S COLLABORATE!

All of her hats are HANDMADE, and they are just WOW!

I wasn’t sure which hat would work on me, so I asked Kristen, and she suggested a fedora and a cloche.

I could see the cloche, but a fedora?? Am I cool enough to wear a fedora?

I was leery.

The cloche was LOVE at first site. The color was perfect for my skin, the whimsical twirls suited my character and personality, and the style was indeed flattering.



And now, the fedora.

As soon as I put it on, I decided NOPE and took it right off. Then I tried it on again. Still nope. I took it off. I tried it again. Left it on. Walked around the house for a little while. Put on some BOLD lipstick. Added earrings. Then sequins. Checked myself in the mirror about one bajillion times. And then it hit me… I LOVE THIS HAT!



The fedora connected me to that part of myself that is LIVING AT THE EDGE OF HER THINKING.

The risk taker. The rule bender. The fierce lover.

The cloche connected me to my fun and whimsy, which is easy and comfortable for me. Like tinted chapstick.

The fedora, on the other hand, was like that first time I wore red lipstick. At first I panicked and said NO WAY, and then after a few tries, I fell IN LOVE!

I AM one of those gals that can wear a fedora!!

What kind of hat-gal are YOU?? Tell me in the comments about YOUR favorite hat style!

Let’s hop on this hat-wagon together!

With Love & Gratitude,
xo Stasia

PS. BOTH of these one-of-a-kind hats are FOR SALE on Kristen’s Etsy site HERE. And doo-do-dooo, she’s offered to give YOU 15% off any HANDMADE hat of your choosing using the code HATSTYLE.

When Tweaks are not Enough, it’s time for Transformation.

I’m going to say it again…

“When tweaks are not enough,
it’s time for TRANSFORMATION.”
~Saul Kaplan, Business Innovation Factory

Communities. Government. Business. Education.

Yea, of course. But what about STYLE?

I know a lot of you are stuck in tweak-phase. Making little adjustments here and there. Trying to shop, but getting frustrated because you’re not sure WHAT in heck to buy.

Another pair of earrings? A new shade of red lipstick? A denim jacket?

You’ve done tons of tweaking, but you STILL feel like your clothes don’t represent your YOU-NESS.

You’re still not happy with your body. You’re focusing on your growing belly, your mama-stretch-marks and the cellulite on your thighs.

BRAVE… that is something you know is INSIDE you, but right now, you’re feeling kind of like a whimpy-pants.

There comes a point when you’ve got to STOP TWEAKING & START TRANSFORMING.

I sent you a newsletter a few days ago, letting you in on this year’s TOP 3 Closet MUST HAVES:

Inside-Out Congruency
Body Confidence

Unless you have all three of those things, tweaks aren’t gonna do you diddly.

Tweaks happen on the outside. Transformation happens on the INSIDE!

Let me show you what I mean…



Right before my husband and I left left for the Peace Corps, we did a photo shoot with a local photographer, and THIS IS WHAT I WORE.


I didn’t have a CLUE about Inside-Out Congruency at the time, and this outfit is testament to that. It in NO WAY reflected my SOUL-FIRE!

That thing that I was doing there… trying to hide my hips and thighs because I was ashamed of my body – NOT WORKING!!

And you see those curved-in, lacking-confidence shoulders? Though I was doing something BRAVE (joining the Peace Corps) I wasn’t feeling the POWER of my decision. I approached big change with a little bit of grit… and HUGE amount of trepidation.

STYLE is something I LEARNED.

I spent years tweaking, trying on different kinds of oversized drawstring pants and hippy pendants. And like a true science-gal (my background is in Ecology) I realized a new methodology was needed.

So I invented one, and things changed.


IMG_1835Seeing my own BEFORE + AFTER pictures still blows my mind. The “before” feelings, when I remember them, hit me hard right in the gut. I remember…

  • the frustration and disappointment when I looked at my body in the mirror
  • the sadness and defeat that would overwhelm me when I HAD to go shopping
  • the blow-down fights I’d have with my closet each morning
  • the feeling that I was a freakin’ style disaster, no matter how many tweaks I made
  • and constantly feeling misunderstood

Here’s a side-by-side, to bring it all home.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 1.31.06 AM


Believe it or not… I was around 15 pounds lighter in the BEFORE picture.


THIS is why I started Stasia’s Style School.

And this is PRECISELY WHY Style School is not about TWEAKS… it’s about TRANSFORMATION.

And it works.

During the last round of SSS, TRANSFORMATION was the name of the game.

One of our #stylesisters, Michelle, transformed into a mighty force right before our very eyes, and it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

File Jan 11, 10 27 28 PM

Though the pictures of Michelle speak for themselves, I think you need to hear from her directly:

“If I’m really being honest, when I look at these photos, I just see the before side. And I cringe. Seriously. The hair. It’s all I see. Realistically I know you’re looking at both photos… and I’m pretty much hoping you’re looking at the after side far more. So, I’m sitting here trying to get over myself and not dwell on the fact that I’m letting the whole world see something completely unflattering. Nothing like testing my capacity to be real!

What you see when you look at the photos is clothing changes and a new haircut. But the transformation is much bigger than that. You might see it in my eyes and smile. It was soul deep. It’s lessons learned about who I am. About what I was and what I no longer choose to be. It’s about bravery and laughter in the deepest parts. And it’s about community, confidence and caring – both about others and myself.

Wait, you didn’t think Style School could do all that? Well, neither did I. It was the best investment I’ve made in myself in a long, long time. I’m not sure I could say Style School changed my life. But it did transform me. And I’m the author of that life.”

So let me ask you… are YOU ready for TRANSFORMATION?

UPDATE: Stasia’s Style School SOLD OUT in 24 hours in January 2016, and will be relaunching again in April 2016. If you want to be the first to know, you can sign up on the special Style School email list HERE!

It’s time to WEAR YOUR SHINE.

xo Stasia

Top 3 things you REALLY NEED in your closet this year.

Whenever I see a “Top 10 Closet Must-Haves” article in a fashion magazine, I can hardly stand the suspense as I flip to the right page to see what MUST-HAVES I’m perfectly happy WITHOUT.

I recently read an article in a fashion magazine entitled, “10 Things Every Woman MUST Own”, and do you know how many of those things I actually owned?

Six. That’s 60%. In grade-school terms, I flunked fashion.

These lists tend to focus on MATERIAL THINGS. Things that change from year to year, month to month, magazine to magazine, editor to editor.

Sure, they can help you understand trends and offer up inspiration, BUT please don’t think for one second that those lists are going to help you find YOUR style!

In fact, they’re pretty much designed to 1) make you spend LOTS of money and 2) fail at fashion so you keep coming back, seeking the next best thing.

If they truly offered something you NEEDED in the first place, you wouldn’t keep going back for more, searching for answers.

Plus, I’ve worked with plenty of women who have ALL THE THINGS, but still feel lost in their closets and overwhelmed by their overstuffed drawers. They feel like people don’t GET them. They are working hard to FIT IN, when all they really want to do is BELONG.

So I did you a favor, and I made you a REAL list. One that’s actually useful.


1. Inside-Out Congruency

It’s a term I coined myself, and it’s the backbone of STYLE. It’s the premise that who you are on the inside MUST be reflected on the outside. In other words, your PROJECTION OF SELF (how you live, love and laugh in the world) must match your PRESENTATION OF SELF (how you present yourself to the world.)

In order to do this, you’ve got to know who you are on the INSIDE. You’ve got to peel back the layers of exhaustion and overwhelm until you find your SHINE.

We don’t spend enough time in our daily lives remembering WHO WE ARE ON THE INSIDE, and saying OUT LOUD things like, I am BRAVE, FIERCE, FUN, RESILIENT & WILDLY CREATIVE.

Imagine if you connected to THAT part of yourself everyday?!
Imagine if WHAT YOU WORE reflected your SHINE, and not your fears.
Imagine what your life would be like if you SHOWED UP.

(Hot damn, my cheeks are getting RED. This is powerful stuff!!)

There is tremendous danger in not allowing your insides to match your outsides… and it’s called HIDING.


Last summer Raisa (who loves bow ties) and her friend Iyla (who loves dresses) switched outfits… just for fun.


This is what HIDING looks like, and it makes my heart hurt.

I won’t have it. Not on my watch.

2. A True Understanding of Your BODY

This one is HUGE! HUGE!!

You’ve got to learn how to RENAME, REFRAME & UNSHAME the conversations you have WITH and ABOUT your body.

You need to talk about your body in a way that is not demoralizing and hateful. You need to understand balance points and body proportions, as they relate to real life, NOT industry standards. You need to SEE YOUR BEAUTY, and not just your perceived flaws!!!

If you’re wearing clothes that don’t fit your body… in other words, if you’re spending your days yanking and tugging, then it means you’re trying to squeeze your body into something it shouldn’t be squeezed into.

Did you hear me??










Case in point.


You can’t really blame it on my body now can you?

You’ve got to stop all the negative self-talk and GET EDUCATED.
You’ve got to learn the SCIENCE of style.
You’ve got to put on the right damn pants!

It takes courage to wear what you love. On a Tuesday.

I’ve seen lots of closets filled with lots of fancy things… that still have the tags on them! Not because they don’t fit – but precisely because they do.

Wearing the things that make you feel BOLD BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL takes BRAVERY.

It is not shallow or petty or anti-feminist.

You’ve got to flex that brave muscle until the vulnerability hangovers subside, and you can wear what YOU want, whenever you want, without external permission or validation.

Listen, you can have a closet filled with every CLOSET MUST HAVE from every fashion magazine in print, but if you don’t have:


…you’ve got nothing.

The old saying, “a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear” exists for a reason.

THIS does NOT need to be YOUR struggle!!

In Stasia’s Style School, we don’t simply “touch” on Inside-Out Congruency, Body Confidence and Bravery – it is the foundation of the work we do together!!

And when these THREE THINGS are taught and practiced alongside some easily digestible principles of style, within a sisterhood of badassery – you’ve got one helluva course!

There is no other STYLE SCHOOL LIKE IT!

This course is not about tweaks. It’s about TRANSFORMATION.


I don’t want to create panic or anything… but the price will NEVER EVER be at a $249 price tag again, and I’m capping my numbers at 40.

That’s right… when that 40th person signs up, I’m closing the doors.

Part of what makes SSS so transformational is the SISTERHOOD that is created among women who are walking the same walk TOGETHER! The group is small, so you have an opportunity to REALLY get to know each other. You become each other’s cheerleader and confidant and celebrator.

Believe it or not, I’ve been told by the SSS alum that I should double, triple… even quadruple my current price.

And I will, but not now. The content and delivery is ROCK SOLID. That’s what I’ve poured my guts into. It’s tried and tested and downright transformational. But right now, I’m operating off of a DIY website design with no legitimate branding… and that’s all about to change.

When I relaunch SSS this spring/summer, I will have a new website with some fancy-pants branding… and a new price tag!!

Basically, Style School is getting an Inside-Out Congruency makeover. I need the outside (branding) to match the inside (transformational, inspirational, motivational content).

Want to know more about Stasia’s Style School, CLICK HERE  to get on the email list, where you’ll get a full-on description of exactly what style school is and how it’ll change your damn life!



PS. Check out this AMAZING before and after pic of SSS alumna, Diane M., and the sweet things she’s got to say about Style School! (Seriously, the picture blows my mind!! By the end of SSS her spirit was SHINING BRIGHT!!)

photo 1













Stasia’s simple yet powerful processes about STYLE — paying attention to how we feel, setting ourselves up for success, focusing on what we love — radiates into all areas of LIFE. Before Stasia’s Style School I was wearing a self-imposed uniform to work that made me feel dutiful and drab. Stasia’s teachings have been the key to bringing more color and creativity into my style and that has translated into more pep in my step at work and at home. This isn’t a class to learn what fashion trends say we “should” be wearing. It’s about expressing ourselves in our own unique way, and what sets it apart is Stasia herself (wit, wisdom, and grace personified) and the Sisterhood that is created within the group. Well worth it, doable, life-enhancing, fun! ~Diane M (SSS Alumni)



How to Wear Jeans + a T-shirt and still look CUTE!

I’m a jeans and t-shirt gal. Always have been. Probably always will be.

In the past, before I figured out this whole style ‘thang, my jeans and t-shirt look was… simple. It was comfortable, but it sure wasn’t cute.

Comfortable used to be my litmus. The ONLY factor I considered when getting dressed. Then I discovered Inside-Out Congruency, and realized I was selling myself short.

OF COURSE I WANT TO BE COMFORTABLE. I’m NOT a fan of pants that make my crotch hurt when I sit down, or shirts that I have to keep tugging on because the booby darts are fitting me in the wrong place.

So may I present to you my latest jeans and t-shirt combo, that is comfortable AND cute!

IMG_1835 IMG_1885

I’m wearing one of my FAV (comfy) t-shirts that I thrifted this summer.  It HAD a crewneck… until I ripped the neck out and made it a wee bit more edgy. Then I paired it with a (comfortable) fitted black blazer, sleeves rolled and collar popped, and slipped on my faaavorite no-muffin-top-here J.crew bootcut jeans.

I accessorized with a long necklace and a pair of my favorite Nickel & Suede earrings, but something was off. There was a lack of harmony between the tear drop shape of the earrings and the looooong necklace, so I swapped out the N&S earrings for these looooong Kerin Rose Galaxy Earrings and knew immediately I had a winner!  The long line of the necklace needed an accompanying long line.

But something was still off, so I studied my look in the mirror for a second and realized aha – the neckline on the tee was a little low and missed my high balance point (read HERE if you don’t know what I’m talking about), so I layered on another necklace and voila… PERFECT!

I felt bold, confident, edgy and a little mysterious all day.  😉  Oh, and comfortable.

Now do me a favor and scan over my outfit description above, noticing ONLY THE HIGHLIGHTED WORDS.

What do you see? When you get dressed in jeans and a tee, are you doing any of these quick 10 second steps? Could you imagine yourself doing them? What’s holding you back? These are not rhetorical questions. Tell me in the comments.  xo

Style begins on the INSIDE, we all know that – but it’s the little details of how we put things together on the outside that pull it all together.

If you’re feeling wicked brave, show me YOUR BEST jeans and t-shirt look over on FB or Instagram and tag me!!

With Love & Gratitude,
xo Stasia

(Yes, I froze my bippy off in the taking of this picture, but thankfully I spent most of my day INDOORS making play-doh snakes with ZZ so I was snug as a bug all day long.)


How my Negative-Nelly attitude almost cost me my marriage.

Happy New Year!!

I don’t know about you, but the New Year has my brain a’whizzing. Though I’ve reflected a bit on 2015, I’ve been mostly consumed with what’s ahead for 2016.

It seems that everywhere I turn, the universe is shining a BRIGHT LIGHT on what my work is this year. It’s not what I thought it was going to be. But it’s likely going to be the most important “work” of my life.

In 2015, my word-of-the-year was COURAGE, and I practiced it all year long. I listened to the song BRAVE about eleventy-million times, and posted visual reminders around the house so I wouldn’t forget.


It was the lens through which I viewed opportunity and hardship, success and failure. I discovered that the more I FLEXED MY BRAVE MUSCLE, the stronger it became.

When I WAS brave, I thought about the why behind the why.
When I WASN’T brave, I thought about the why behind the why.

Because it was a motto, and not a task, I couldn’t fail.

Except, as 2015 came to a close, I realized that BRAVERY was nothing without GRATITUDE.

Just writing that makes me feel gigantic pangs of lost hope and sadness, because sadly, THAT is my struggle.

I’m not sure how it started – if it’s nature or nurture – but I’ve always been a glass-half-empty kind of gal. I’ve focused on what’s lost, not what’s gained.

Saying this OUT LOUD is like looking into the mirror and seeing the most ugly version of yourself. As I write this, tears are streaming down my face because I’m not sure I know how to be a glass-half-full kind of gal.

I’ve heard (and muttered) the words, “you’re unlucky” a lot in the last couple of years.

In 2014, my family had some pretty bad luck with contractors and cars. I thought for sure 2015 would be better, but hell if it wasn’t worse. And 2016 didn’t start out much differently. Last week, our car needed an unfortunate $1K brake-job. And then a couple of days ago, we got a flat tire traveling back from Maine. When the guy at the tire store saw that our brand-new tire had an un-patchable side wall puncture he said, “man, you’re unlucky”. And then yesterday, the windshield wiper motor died on our car. And we’re only 6 days into 2016.

Could it be that we really are THAT “unlucky”?

Or is the universe delivering misfortune to my door as a HUGE wake up call to LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE! To spend more time BEING GRATEFUL. To STOP EXPECTING BAD LUCK.

Because it’s true… I’ve come to expect bad luck.

Am I just willing it into my life? Has misfortune become a self-fulfilling prophecy? Am I actually partially responsible for all of this nonsense?

Until just a couple of days ago, the glass-half-empty part of me thought that I was just wired this way, and that it can’t change. But then I remembered…

I used to be ashamed of my body, BUT I’M NOT ASHAMED ANYMORE.
I used to think I was shy, AND THEN I FOUND MY VOICE.
I used to think I could NEVER be stylish or feel good in my clothes, AND THEN I BECAME A PERSONAL STYLIST.
I used to think I was a wimp, UNTIL I FOUND MY BRAVE.

I thought ALL of those things were real and unfixable. You know, just the way I was wired. But I found my way out of every single one of them with some good old fashioned hard work. And I think I can find my way out of bad luck, lack-mentality and loss too.

Listen you guys, we get caught up in all kinds of mind-traps that we think are REAL. We think it’s how we’re wired. We think we can’t change. We think we’re hopeless. But if I’ve learned anything as a grown-up, it’s that WE CAN CHANGE!!


The moral of MY “unlucky” story is that I need to express more gratitude. I need to see the glass half full. I need to expect abundance, rather than loss. I need to accept love and express love in a more profound way. I need to finally understand that I can, indeed, create my own reality.

That is my work for 2016.

As I sit here, tears still streaming down my cheeks, I feel the walls of my identify crumbling. My eyes are puffy from days of crying. This is the culmination of months of unease as this knowing began to emerge. I’m realizing how little I know, and am flooded with WAY MORE QUESTIONS THAN ANSWERS.

Part of me wants to pack all of this into a tidy little suitcase and stuff it way back in the closet and focus on something easy, like having Stasia’s Style School become an international sensation, with folks tucking $100 bills into my control tops, fighting for one of the limited 40 spots. But that would be too easy, compared to this.

Instead, I’m talking about it. I’m saying it out loud… ON THE INTERNET!! I’m holding my own feet to the fire and taking action.

This negative-nelly attitude has almost cost me my marriage, and that is NOT something I’m willing to lose over some lame-o “I’m just wired this way” old story.

I’m going to do the work.

IMG_1567 IMG_1568 IMG_1569

So let me ask YOU, what’s your story trying to teach you? What lesson is the universe delivering to your doorstop so LOUD that it’s impossible to ignore? What BIG CHANGES are you ready to make in 2016?

Say it OUT LOUD. Because admitting it, as difficult as it may be, makes it real. Cry. Leave a comment, and I promise to write back! Because me and you, we need to stick together in 2016!!

xo Stasia

Pattern Mixing Made Easy!!

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times!

“How do you know which patterns to mix together, Stasia? I can’t figure it out! Every time I try, I look like I got dressed in the dark.”

There are lots of “pattern mixing” rules out there. Magazine articles will show you 25 ways to mix patterns like a pro, which if you ask me, just leads to overwhelm and a feeling of fashion-inadequacy… and a closet full of solid colors. (Boooring!) So, I’m going to make pattern mixing real simple for you and focus on only two things – PATTERN SCALE + COLOR.


There are two kinds of patterns: MAJOR PATTERNS + MINOR PATTERNS.
MAJOR PATTERNS can be seen clearly from over 5 feet away.
Minor Patterns blend in when viewed from 5 feet away.

Hold on to your seat because I’m about to rock your world. The trick to pattern mixing is that you want to mix a MAJOR PATTERN with a minor pattern. NOT two MAJOR PATTERNS. NOT two minor patterns. But a MAJOR PATTERN and a minor pattern. That’s it.


(Hold on, I’ll show you what I mean in a second.)


It’s important to keep your patterns in the same color family. They don’t have to be matchy-matchy, but they do have to “go together”.

I’ve pulled together some pics so you can see what I’m talking about.

Example 1
Scale – MAJOR PATTERN: PLAID PANTS / minor pattern: polka dotted shirt
Color – the shirt that I’m wearing is white with black polka dots, and in the world of pattern mixing, black and white is basically a neutral, because it pretty much goes with anything!
Note – I’ve read that you can’t pattern mix with plaids, but that’s just crazy. Of course you can, if you follow the major-minor rule-of-thumb.



Example 2
Scale – MAJOR PATTERN: PLAID TIE / minor pattern: gingham check shirts
Color – the blue found in the shirt is ALSO found in the tie, plus, that blue/white/green combo totally “goes” together. IMG_4899


Example 3
Scale – MAJOR PATTERN: FLORAL SHIRT / minor pattern: silk scarf
Color – both patterns are cream/black so you’ve got instant harmony right there



Example 4
Scale – MAJOR PATTERN: FLORAL TUNIC / minor pattern: striped sweater
Color – the chartreuse-white color combo found in the sweater is also found in the tunic, making the florals and stripes easy on the eye, despite their loudness

IMG_3772 (1)


Example 5
Scale – MAJOR PATTERN: STRIPED SWEATER / minor pattern: polka dot shirt
Color – once again, black and white is a pattern/color neutral here, and goes effortlessly with the chartreuse and white stripes.
Note – see how the striped chartreuse sweater is the “major pattern” here, where in the photo above, it was the “minor pattern”!


There are of course other, more BOLD ways to mix patterns (like you’d see on the runways), but for the most part, it’s more than what you’d do for everyday.


Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 11.35.35 AM

I’m pretty bold, but THIS!!  Whoa!

Anyway, now that you’ve read this far, it’s time I tell you that the acquisition of knowledge requires action. In other words, I want you to practice.

TOMORROW, I want you to try pattern mixing. If you follow the MAJOR-minor / stay-in-the-same-color-family rule-of-thumb, you’ll come up with a winning combination for sure!

Then, I want you to A) take a picture and email it to me or B) take a picture and post it to social media and tag me!!  (FB @thriftmepretty / Instagram @stasiasavasuk)

Think for a moment how many NEW OUTFITS you can create, OUT OF WHAT YOU ALREADY OWN, if you can master the art of pattern mixing!!  You can actually expand your wardrobe without spending a dime!!!

Give it a go, and report back!!  As always, I loooooooove to hear from you!

xo Stasia

PS. This is the kind of goodness we practice daily in Stasia’s Style School! Hop on the list to get all the SSS details!!

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